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Like the Look of Your Signs.

Contact A Sign Repair Company in Denver!

For any business, developing a solid branding strategy is crucial for the company’s growth. For brick-and-mortar brands, investing in visual representation, which includes the physical appearance of the storefront and business signage is a must!

Business signs are among the wisest investments you can make in terms of advertising. People must know who you are as a company and what you offer at a single glance. Aside from getting well-designed signs, ensuring their cleanliness and functionality at all times is also very important.

At Affordable Signage, we have years of experience in the creation of beautiful and effective commercial signs. As experts, we know how dirty, damaged, or outdated signs can negatively affect your business. We’re also the best sign repair company in Denver! 

Our sign repair and maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:

Burnt Out Lights

LED sign repair in Denver is quite common. Burnt out lights do not look good for business. As lighted signs usually run for long hours, it’s not impossible for them to burn out at some point in time, and much quicker if you are using low-quality bulbs.

If you notice that the LED light is out or your signage is not glowing as brightly as it should be, our team of professionals can help find the cause. Electrical work can be complex and dangerous, hence this type of work should be left to people who specialize in wiring and other digital elements of signage.

Keep an eye on your signage and make sure to have the bulbs or batteries replaced as soon as they expire.

Dirty Signage

Your business signs are displayed for everyone to see! Unfortunately, outdoor signs are always exposed to dirt and dust. When not cleaned regularly, you not only send a negative message to potential clients, but your signs will also become less noticeable. It will be harder to read for people driving by.

To avoid such mishaps, it is important to have regular cleaning and maintenance with the best sign repair company in Denver. While you can take on a DIY approach, it is safer to hire a professional to make sure the signs will be cleaned thoroughly and that nothing will be damaged during the process.

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Paint Issues

The paint used on your signage should be able to serve your company for years before it will require repair. Unfortunately, some signs can wear and tear earlier than expected due to accidents or extreme weather conditions. Even the slightest damage can harm your company’s reputation as customers will associate your brand with a run-down appearance.

Regardless of what caused the paint damage, a good sign repair company should be able to fix the problem with speed and precision.


If your business has grown or moved in a new direction since you had your original signage installed and you just need to modify some information, then you can have it repaired. Do you have a new logo change? Perhaps you have a name change? These may only require changing a few letters instead of getting a whole new business sign.

A beautifully-designed and well-maintained sign is an important way to keep your customers loyal to your brand. The most convenient way to handle general maintenance and LED sign repair in Denver is through the help of professionals.

Affordable Signage is your best bet if you want good results at reasonable prices! Give us a call today for your signage maintenance and repair needs.